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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

His fine motor skills are JUST FINE.

Or, What's New with the Kids.

Madeleine is fully in first grade. In math, reading, and spelling she'll be in the second quarter the week after Easter because so much of the latter two are a review of kindergarten. She's getting sick of math, though, so maybe after the quarterly test we'll take a week off. I don't see the need to take the whole summer off; maybe a month. Since we plan be up north for a week or so in July, that would be the perfect time to do the frog-eggs-to-frogs experiment (how long does that take?) or the caterpillars-to-butterflies. Or both.

Dale is unofficially in preschool. Just this morning he announced, "I'm a grown-up. I cut up my strawberries myself." He had gotten one of our Ginsu knives from the knife block on the counter and done it on his own. Without injury.
After the palpitations stopped, we had a little talk about telling us before getting out knives.
I asked his speech teacher about what kinds of things from here she recommended for use at home. I'd already looked at the catalog and had about a dozen things marked; her list included four of my ideas. Like this, or this, or this... I've told you I like her.

Rachel we gave up a few weeks ago with the potty training--she was still fighting the idea. Monday she was in diapers. Tuesday, yesterday, I asked if she wanted to use the potty and she said, "Yes!" So we put on cloth training pants.
And they stayed dry all day. Lots of false alarms but the only place she made peepee was in the little potty. We're still working on #2, but that's how it's been for all of them. She does tell us when she needs a change, very politely besides.
I should have known this would be the week; we just bought the box of diapers from Costco on Friday.

This little house, by the grace of God, will go on the market before the end of April.

That's the news. You stay classy, San Diego!



At 9:19 AM, Blogger Karen S. said...

I was very frustrated as well with potty training. When I was researching potty training a common theme seemed to be praise and positive reinforcement. I came across a website called We hung it in the kitchen and named the little boy on the front of the package, Bobby. My son could not wait to go to the potty so he could push the button, hear the praising message, and get his chocolate reward from, Bobby. It really got my son excited about using the potty himself and it was fun for him. Because he became so involved, potty training was easy. So give it a try.

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Heather said...

The positive reinforcement is what's worked with the older two, as well. We praise like crazy for successes, shrug off "failures." I do a little bit of "poop in underwear makes me sad, poop in the potty makes me HAPPY!" but I don't mope around or pout for more than, oh, five seconds.
I'm just leery of linking food rewards with using the toilet. Any more than they already are, that is.
We've only really been at this for two days. It's not a race.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger Daisy said...

Frustration here as well! I found the site, and ordered their e-book. The first passage was what helped the most. The lady said, quite bluntly, that this is not easy, it won't happen by itself, and you probably will lose your temper. Echo had less than no desire to go in the potty. And she has phenomenal bladder control. She had a UTI without any kind of accident recently. And she could go almost 24 hours without eliminating at all if she didn't want to, which happened too frequently for my blood pressure when we were training. Add to those difficulties that she's not much of a talker, like her father, and you had one stressed-out Mom for the two weeks we were intensely training. But we made it! It has especially helped her desire to communicate, though she'll never be a Chatty Cathy, like the whole family used to call her mother.

Best of Luck, though veterans don't need it, do they? :)


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