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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's a pink party at the Prices'!

My goal color is "amoxicillin."
As in, Friday night in the bath Madeleine started complaining of her ear hurting. Okay, we'll take care of it if it continues. After pajamas, stories, prayers, and cuddles it was causing enough grief to get whimpers. Quick, Mom! To the ibuprofen!
The next day was the same though the ear had switched. Magically, the pediatrician has Saturday morning appointments where we discovered a double ear infection.
Then last night, same story, different child. At least Dale was consistent as to which ear. While on the way to the doc's this morning, he was protesting that Apple Jacks had made his ear feel better. "They'll make a lot of things better, but not ear infections," said the doc. "Has she been sniffly too?" he asked, indicating Little Miss Magic Green Nose Goblins.
So, three children and four infected ears. At least he saved me a trip by checking Rachel (against her wishes).
Yeah. At least getting them to take the amoxicillin involves pouring their dose in a measuring spoon and handing it over. Rachel actually asked for more today at lunch.


At 7:09 PM, Blogger The Mom With Brownies (The story of us) said...

Sounds like you have a great doc. :-)

We became well acquainted with "Nurse Maids Elbow" today. Brise gave Kole a shoulder ride and as he took Kole off his shoulders the elbow popped. Tears all the way to the emergency room. One pop by the doc and away we go with no pain and a popcicle.

I thought of Rachel all the while. :-)

At 4:36 AM, Anonymous Daisy said...

At least your kids tell you they're hurting. My older daughter has never complained. One ear infection (the first) was discovered when her eardrum ruptured. Welcome to motherhood (this was right after a bout with the flu at 6 months, right before she was to be vaccinated)! The second was found through a routine visit, thank God, and the third (her first double) was found when she started vomiting from the dizzyness. Never touched her ears or whimpered once, I swear.


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