Domestic Bliss Report

Motherhood is hard work. If we don't stick together, we'll all fall apart.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Been a while, I know.

But I have to get this out of my head.
She needs to be fed. He needs his diaper changed. The table needs clearing. She needs a bowl, then cereal, then milk poured. He needs reminding to come to the table. She needs reminding to get dressed, then her teeth brushed. She needs her hair braided. She needs feeding, then her diaper changed, then cuddling. He needs a sippy of milk. He needs reminding to get dressed. They all need reminding to brush their teeth. They all need hugs and blown kisses when Daddy leaves.
The dishes need washing, the laundry needs folding, the table needs clearing. She needs help with her math, he needs help with his spelling, she needs to know the weather before she can dress. He needs a diaper changed--"Boo den!" he says, turning around--because he "pooped again."
Lunch needs preparing, table needs clearing again, she needs feeding again. Lunch needs to be eaten. Diapers need to be changed again, they need refereeing over space, he needs a nap and she needs feeding again. Toys need to be put away, dishes need washing, they need help with geography or reading or science. Dinner needs planning, bills need paying, they need reminding to put on soccer uniforms and then a ride to their game. He needs his shoes tied. Diapers need changing, water bottles need filling, snacks need to be carried. She needs entertaining, eyedrops, and a sweater. He needs his harness and leash.
They need a ride home, and baths, and pajamas, and a story. He needs his medicine again. Then they need reminders to brush their teeth again and to go to bed.

And tomorrow, they'll need it all over again. I know someday they won't need me for all of this. They'll grow up and call weekly, and I'll miss these days of ever-present needs. Right now, though, it's exhausting to be so needed.