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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Well, THAT was easy.

Subtitled: The Potty-training Post.
How is it going? It seems to be... gone, really. Here's the timeline.

Monday--Still in diapers. Occasionally asking after #2 for a change, sometimes outright denying reality despite plant-wilting and eye-watering stink. I'm not worried but it does seem a long way off.

Tuesday--When asked about underwear while getting dressed, gave an enthusiastic "Yeah!" Lots of false alarms, some successes, but no accidents (except one #2, but I knew that would take time). Using the little potty.

Wednesday--One underwear-wetting, a couple of #2's, but mostly on the little potty. We're still working on it.

Thursday--Two accidents, both of which made her cry. The first we were out for a walk around the block, the other she was bullheaded (I wonder where she gets that?) and wanted to be alone in the bathroom. I heard her wailing through the door; when I went in, she choked out, "Mama, the peepee tome..." and trailed off to tears. "Aww, honey... Let's get you some clean underwear."
And this is the day she decided she liked the big potty better. Wonderful! One less thing for Mama to clean!

Friday--One accident; she cried, I consoled. Two requests for changes when nothing was there; I thought it must be soon. "Honey, do you want to make poop on the potty?" Enthusiasm. And success!

Saturday--Dry all day with a morning announcement of, "Poop!" And success again! I got some plastic pants as a precaution for church in the morning. Still some false alarms but no accidents.

Sunday--She was dry from before leaving for Mass until after we got home, and that includes running around at the bake sale afterward! [English accent] By Jove, I think she's got it! False alarms are much easier to clean up than accidents; I'm not going to worry about those.

I don't know what it is about teaching the toilet; it brings out the patience in me. Getting angry isn't going to solve anything and it's a big step. The child is going from complete indifference in diapers to complete control in underwear. That's a lot of responsibility for a toddler to take on. I have a hard time believing a little kid would mess themselves for spite, as well. At least, one of my little kids.
To those thinking about it--patience. Patience for waiting to start, patience for during as there will be accidents; patience for false alarms. They're trying.

Oh--one practical aspect. We toted around a seemingly-giant sized toilet seat for Madeleine for almost a year after she trained. I felt like we had a huge sign: "POTTY TRAINING IN PROGRESS!" [Thank you Shelly for teaching her to hold on to the seat to hold herself up!] The Boy never liked the seat; standing up was much better. This time around we have a much more discreet folding seat. All of about $10 from Meijer. It even has Dora on it.
Practical Aspect #2. It's time to pack away all of those adorable outfits with snaps beneath. Onesies, overalls, et al. are quite impractical when you're getting a little bottom on the potty with a stopwatch, not to mention impossible once the child starts going on their own. That's why kids' clothes have elastic waists.



At 3:54 PM, Blogger Daisy said...

That's all really good advice, and I'm glad that one went so "easily". I will (I hope) probably learn some patience with this by the third one too!

Second the clothes advice too. As much as I love them, and as cute as they are, the overalls had to go. They're just so darned cute!

We started with the insert too, only because Echo is so darned tiny. We have now graduated to the footstool. Since the baby is trending much more toward the tall side, I have hope that we can forego the insert/potty chair altogether with her. Thankfully, that's at least a year away!


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