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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Unleash the power of the blog! Such as it is...

In a neurotic attempt to provide for my children some of the highlights of my youth, I've tried to get them some of the books I remember. For example, Great Illustrated Classics. When I was young, they were sold at Farmer Jack and were about four inches square, an inch thick, and paperback. They had a picture on every other page and I could knock one off in a day. My mother actually carried around a list in her purse so we could get them all (we never succeeded, but I admire her effort still). I read Black Beauty, The Wizard of Oz, Little Women, and The Count of Monte Cristo so many times they fell apart. That last one helped me through French III in high school as well, as I didn't need to read it in French. I just had to be able to read the questions on the quizzes.
Now, they're available larger and in hardcover. The text and pictures are exactly the same as I remember, and our collection is still growing in fits and starts (it's at about 24 so far). I so look forward to the day when the kids can read them for themselves.
We also had a Children's Bible. It was hardcover and it had the famous stories in it, though no quotations per se. I liked the colorful pictures, frankly. When I found it at the book sale at the homeschoolers' conference in June, we got it.
But there's still a book eluding me: a book of Aesop's fables. I couldn't tell you the actual title beyond it had Aesop in it. It was hardcover, and big--about 10 by 13, though still not very thick, about an inch. On the cover it had an orange Oriental dragon with a monkey on his back, if I remember right. Inside the front cover was a drawing of a forest, lots of dark green. The pictures inside weren't all in color; some were just black and white. I remember, though, the picture of Thumbelina meeting her prince was in color. The one for the wolf and the "sour grapes" was in black and white. It was probably published in the early '70's.
Anyway, if anyone happens across such a book, let me know. Or buy it and I'll pay you back.


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