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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Again with the Larry King...sort of

This is a little embarrassing, but I'll come clean: I'm starting to develop a degree of respect for both country music and NASCAR. I think it's the unashamed (and seemingly frequent) references to God in our increasingly anti-Christian world.

I finished Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo, the 1462-page version. There were entire characters left out of the condensed versions I read years back as well as the recent film version, and I suppose they could be left out, but I found this one much more satisfying. How he rewards those who were kind to him or his, anonymously, I really liked. Then how he proceeds for revenge by their own faults is spectacular. How some of his collateral damage hurts the innocent, and thus helps him realize that he's not God and thus tempers his thirst for vengeance... I don't think I need to write a review of it; Dumas probably doesn't care (see Python, Monty: Decomposing Composers). But if you haven't read it, do. What's next?

I don't understand Glamour Magazine's take on abortion. A couple months ago they were heralding Cecilia Fire Thunder, then the next month they were describing the abortion practices in India as "terrifying" and "a genocide." (see August 2006, p. 172) Which is it? Abortion-on-demand for whatever reason here in the United States is okay, but sex-selection abortion in India is bad? I have to believe that there are more abortions here in the U.S. for sillier reasons than "my husband will divorce/abandon/beat me if I have [another] girl."

The kids are fine. Madeleine is reading (not Dumas, but she's taking steps toward Seuss), Dale is getting clearer in his speech, and Rachel is learning that volume does not mean victory. She who screams loudest is more likely to get nothing than her way. It's a tough lesson for an almost-two-year-old.

That's the news here. Anything exciting elsewhere?


At 8:08 AM, Anonymous mtm said...

Glamour doesn't mind hate for babies, just hate for womanity...


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